Cyclosezone 2017, ends on December 31, 2017 by unique trips to celebrate New Year's Eve. However, starting the season the second day after is a traditional social act that has been celebrated in HK for dozens, perhaps hundreds of years. In the last decades, we are leaving 1.1.2018 at 9.30 am from the junction "U Durana" on the Kunětická hora, where is a meeting at the car park with arrivals from other towns and villages nearby. Route: . We are looking forward to meeting pedestriants and cyclists, and there will be some refreshments at the parking lot under Kuňka. Who may not be able to start the act in the morning, may be in the Bajkazyl HK 17-20h club, where the Bicycle New Year's Resolutions will be discussed ;)

We invite you to an unusual event (FB event), which aims to ecologically transport 50 unique city bikes from Prague to Hradec Králové. The bicycles were not used in Prague, so they should find their new home and use in Hradec Králové. With the common bicycle ride of several dozen identical, unforgettable bikes, we want to promote urban cycling, ecological transport, and, due to the deadline, also celebrate the 99th anniversary of Czechoslovakia.

When? on Saturday October 28, 2017, 8: 30-24

Which way? Prague - Čelákovice -Poděbrady - Chlumec n. Cidlinou - Hradec Králové (possibility to ride a certain section see below)

Route: will be followed by cycling trails and less frequented roads, along the Elbe Trail see map

Meeting at 8:30 in front of main entrance of Primary School Poláčkova 1067/3, Prague 4, near metro station Budějovická

Goal: Bajkazyl HK, CSA 216, Hradec Kralove 3

Physical difficulty: The whole route is about 130-137 km. If someone drives down the road, they are always near the railroad and the rest of the way can get by train. It is possible to talk with your friends in advance that you are only going through a certain part of the route, and you will be able to change your bike (relay) on the way. You can also discuss the forums in discussion at


Category: Long: I am alone and 130 km by bike for me is not a problem, I will go the whole route

                      Middle: 70 km is just for me, 1/2 trip I would like to go by train (can be a relay of a two-member team)

                      Short: 40 km is the maximum for me, the rest of the way is going by train (it can be a three- to four-member team)


Entry fee: CZK 0, the participant will pay for the eventual transport by train, we will pay for the train on a train on request

Finish applause, welcome drink and a live acoustic concert by the local Joha / Mira / Paja group in Bajkazyl HK. There will be an all-night party from which we will recover all Sunday;)

Bicycles: The bikes to be transported have 3 speeds suitable for flat terrain and narrower full tires. The bike does not look like it, but it can go very fast. The bike is equipped with a large bag of luggage, so there's no need to pull something on your back. The bike is equipped with a charge alternator and front and rear lights. Frames are universal size suitable for the vast majority of adults.

With you: NO own bicycles or just ones that are able to carry other bicycles (cargo). You can borrow a bicycle for free, but have a valid citizen with you. A snack or a disguise can be useful. On the way, there will be a number of refreshments in local businesses.

Contacts:   Jirka Štrupl: 605 940 659, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
                Honza Zídek: 776 587 782, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.